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1. In early 2016, Marine Corps Base (MCB) Camp Pendleton implemented more positive-control base access control procedures to ensure the protection and safety for base personnel. The new MCB access procedures focuses on “guests” desiring to come aboard the base. 

A guest is defined as anyone who does NOT have U.S. Government-issued identification (ID), to include DOD ID card (whether active, reserve, retired, or dependent member), Common Access Card (CAC), or any other U.S. government-issued card. Since we hold our luncheons at the Pacific Views Event Center (PVEC), we're able to utilize a “frequent Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) patrons” category of an existing Marine Corps Order that allows the general public to use base recreational activities. PVEC is a MCCS recreational activity. 

Luncheon attendees who lack government ID fall into the “guest” category and must therefore, complete the new base access policy procedures in order to become “sponsored” and be eligible to gain access to MCB Camp Pendleton. Guests must provide the following information to the AFCEA Camp Pendleton Chapter no later than nine (9) days prior to a chapter luncheon.  
  • NAME: First, Middle, Last
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Driver’s License State
  • Date of Birth

For "guest" ONLY...
  - If you're paying for your luncheon ONLINE, you can submit this info through the online registration & payment portal
  - If you're NOT using the online portal to pay for your luncheon, CLICK HERE to submit this info to us.

The Chapter will be completing and submitting a guest info form to PVEC eight days prior to the luncheon. The form will contain the above provided information for each guest attending. PVEC will be serving as the “Sponsor” for the listed guests; PVEC will submit the guest list to Base Provost Marshall Office (PMO) by the deadline, seven days prior to the Chapter Luncheon. 
So, timely submission of this info by guests is essential.) 

2. Please ensure you provide correct information. Base PMO will be conducting background checks. You will be notified only if there are issues with your information.

3. On the luncheon day, show your drivers’ license at the MCB Camp Pendleton gate and tell the guard you are going to the PVEC (a.k.a."the club") for the AFCEA CP luncheon. 
  • Also, as always, ensure that you have valid vehicle registration and proof of insurance.
  • You may enter at ANY Camp Pendleton gate; but you CANNOT enter Camp Pendleton via the Fallbrook Naval Weapons Station gate.

4. Each guest attendee must consent to the following terms and conditions:

MCCS Patronage – Terms and Conditions for Access to Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton
I acknowledge that I am requesting access to Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton (MCB CAMPEN) for the sole purpose of MCCS Patronage. I also acknowledge that my visit does NOT involve any business, employment or any other recreational activities, and that my visit is limited to the MCCS activities listed on this request. I am not permitted to use other facilities and I will exit the installation when the activity for which I am enrolled is concluded.

I understand that persons desiring access to the installation are subject to all security and installation access requirements. I also understand that if granted access to MCB CAMPEN for the purpose of MCCS Patronage, access will be granted for 90 days from the date of submission.

I understand that this access is for the sole purpose of MCCS Patronage and cannot be transferred to another person, nor used for any other reason aboard MCB CAMPEN. I am not permitted to sponsor others and each patron must register separately.
Monday, March 20th is the DEADLINE for GUEST to submit the REQUIRED info to access MCB CamPen for this luncheon.