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Marine Corps Base (MCB) Camp Pendleton recently implemented more positive-control base access control procedures to ensure the protection and safety for base personnel. 

One result of this more restrictive program is that Camp Pendleton Chapter, AFCEA will need to implement a few procedures of our own to ensure that all who desire to attend Chapter Luncheons and Events are able to do so.

The new MCB procedures focus on “guests” desiring to come aboard the base. A guest is defined as anyone who does not have US Government-issued identification (ID), to include DOD ID card (whether active, reserve, retired, or dependent member), Common Access Card (CAC), or any other US government-issued card. 

Since we hold our luncheons at the Pacific Views Event Center (PVEC), we will be able to utilize a “frequent Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) patrons” category of a Marine Corps Order that exists to allow the general public to use base recreational activities. Luncheon attendees who lack government ID, area therefore categorized as a “guest”, and must complete the following procedures in order to become “sponsored” and be eligible to gain access to MCB Camp Pendleton. 

Please refer to the attached MCB Campen New Base Access Procedures addendum. 
Please read and comply with the procedures by Monday, 22 August ensure that you gain base access.

MCB CamPen New Base Access Procedures Addendum

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