The AFCEA Camp Pendleton Chapter has four targeted financial scholarship programs that it works to fund each year.

1. STEM Teaching Tools Award – By partnering with AFCEA International and raising additional funds locally, this chapter is able to annually award STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Teaching Tools (STT) scholarships to high school STEM teacher applicants within the Camp Pendleton/North County community. Each STT scholarship is a $1,000 grant for the purpose of allowing selected STEM teachers to purchase items that would augment STEM activities in their classrooms such as lab supplies, hardware, software, SMART boards, projectors or other equipment. These grants can also be used to fund extra-curricular activities sponsored by STEM teachers such as robotics or math clubs and FIRST competitions. In 2014, this chapter awarded six $1,000 dollar grants to local high school science department teachers via competitive requests.

2. Injured Servicemen Award – Our benefactors at the Gunnarson Spaeker Foundation have earmarked an annual contribution to the Chapter that allows us to assist our brave fighting men and women.

3. Deserving Students Scholarships – Utilizing funds raised through the annual chapter hosted golf tournament and other contributions, we work with the School Guidance Counselors at several high schools surrounding the Camp Pendleton area to select deserving candidates for a $1,000 dollar scholarship. 

In 2014, we partnered with high school counselors to select twelve candidates on the basis of their pursuit of a degree in Engineering or Electronics and awarded a total of $12,000 dollars. Chapter officers attended Awards/Recognition Night events at recipient High Schools to personally deliver the scholarship checks. 

4. Disabled War Veterans Scholarship – Twice a year the Chapter awards this scholarship to:
       - Active-duty service personnel honorably discharged, 
       - U. S. military veterans, 
       - Reservists,
       - National Guard personnel 
who are disabled because of wounds received during service in Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan or Iraqi Freedom Operations. 

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